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Light Sensation
Light Sensation

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Annalynne Mccord, Mirror Mirror on the wall Fear I do youll show my flaws And from.. 20
Mirror, Mirror on the wall Fear I do you’ll show my flaws And from grace I’ll surely fall Is this not the fear of all? We project not imperfection As tears may fall from their rejection So now we bow in subjection To image of sweet perfection. Relate we can’t, we never will For pain resides if choose to heel Instead unique our beauty still Must be with what in heart we feel Then my love, My paramour To your truth forever more Be the mirror on the wall And love my each and every flaw. - - Sometimes the flaws we see are our feelings of brokenness, vulnerability, uncertainty and “damage”. Rarely, are we seen as we see ourselves (most people are too busy focusing on their own “flaws”). Whether it’s outside or in, our flaws are the special marks that prove our ability to survive. Choosing to love those marks is how we thrive. Here’s to 🥂 thriving even when it’s scary as hell! Sending love to YOUR “flaws”! They’re beautiful to me! Tag someone whose “flaws“ you love ❤️

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