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Suki Waterhouse, Excited for the US premiere of Charlie Says this evening at trib.. 37
Excited for the US premiere of ‘Charlie Says’ this evening at @tribeca Directed by Mary Harron who has exceptional ability to portray characters who have dark motives and screenplay by Guinevere Turner (whose also an amazing actress in the new queer cinema movement- everyone has to watch The Watermelon Woman and Itty Bitty Community!) ❤️ I hope it can offer a nuanced portrayal of the conditions that could have contributed to what happened, and I don’t mean where it defends Charles Manson or the women who perpetrated these crimes. Modern discourse has often argued that crimes are routinely attributed to ‘mentally ill’ but being mentally ill does. It mean you want to be cruel or harm people. Being a sociopath is not the same thing as suffering from depression. In the climate these women were in its not hard to see why women would be attracted to the sweet, whimsical natures of Manson, based in non-reality, and at surface level didn’t see like they were about domination. He dominated them in a much more insidious and slow way; which is just as powerful as very destructive physical and immediate violence. A great book 📚 recommendation on this is ‘Swinging Single: Representing Sexuality in the 1960’s’ in particular Jeffrey Sconce’s chapter XXX: love and kisses from Charlie. I’m rambling, but this photo is of the amazing actresses I’m so glad I got to work with (and @crilleforsberg!) in the midst of growing out our body hair. I think I caved half way through because *Cher Horowitz voice* I’m socialised by patriarchial heteronormativity ✌️ And also, really enjoyed rediscovering my love for ‘it’s just a little crush’ and dancing to it with my belly!

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