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Anais - Golden Hour
Anais - Golden Hour

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Shailene Woodley, SO STOKED to have been a part of applepodcasts unstyledpodcast w.. 28
SO STOKED to have been a part of @applepodcasts #unstyledpodcast with @christenebarberich. christene and i met a few years ago at @websummit in lisbon. as fate would have it, we were on a panel together in front of thousands of people the morning after our president was elected. with great chaos can come great intimacy, and there was an instant trust i felt with this woman. i’ve been amazed to witness what christene has accomplished with @refinery29 over the years, and finally having the chance to catch up with her again in a setting very different from our first was so special. truly. this woman’s curiosity and affinity for depth was so refreshing, and her eternal grace held space for me to feel safe in sharing a piece of my heart with her. podcasts are very hit or miss for me, but i find solace and breath in hers. i think it’s because she’s not afraid to GO THERE and ask the questions most of us find fear in. i respect you tremendously @christenebarberich . thank you for being a trailblazer for us ... for showing us we can do things differently even when all odds say we can’t. thank you for your wicked style, your softness, your intelligence, and your unwavering heart. it was an honor to do this show with you, and even more so, to get to know you a tiny bit better through the process. #unstyledpodcast ON APPLE PODCASTS NOW

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