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I AM NOT SCARLETT SHE IS NOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORED • FAN PAGE I express my creativity through Scarlett Please contact for removal / credit


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Scarlett Johansson Fan, Ive been getting messages on how I cope with all of Scarletts ha.. 70
I’ve been getting messages on how I cope with all of Scarlett’s hate and defending her. Answer is - I’m still trying. 😂 I’ve explained all I can and Scarlett has given her statement. It’s draining to educate people who won’t change their minds. Remember that they don’t HAVE to like Scarlett. They don’t HAVE to be her fan. It’s okay. 🤷‍♀️ What matters is that we already know who Scarlett is. She is an advocate / generous donor to RED, amFAR, etc, travelled to India to give girls education - wearing traditional Indian attire in respect of their religion / culture, travelled to Africa to learn their struggles and help with their needs, stands with Planned Parenthood to keep reproductive rights safe, campaigned for Obama while promoting clean energy, speaks out about tragedies like natural disasters in 3rd world countries and genocide, stands by her brother’s organization - traveling to Puerto Rico and installing solar energy panels for first responders, largely supports US troops and veterans, and so much more. Our girl was raised in the Bronx, living day-to-day on food stamps because her family couldn’t afford much and though her dreams came true out of hard work, it didn’t stop her from staying humble and helping others. She’s loving, caring, talented. And sure, I guess she’s pretty too. 😂 Throw all those bad vibes out the window. You don’t deserve it. #scarlettjohansson #samuelljackson

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