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Vietnamese Eatery 🥩 Lunch: 11:30am-3:30pm Dinner: 5:30pm-10pm


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Clair De Lune Jaime Editions Photographies

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Sai Gon Dep, This picture pop up today remind me that 6 years ago I was in LA.. 16
This picture pop up today remind me that 6 years ago I was in LA working at some of the top LA/NYC restaurant but one day I realize that I was meant to be cooking Vietnamese food but I didn’t know where to start and shamefully didn’t even know how to make something very simple. I want back to the drawing board and quit my job and persuade Vietnamese food in a modern setting. I use whatever I learn from French/Italian Chef’s and recreate Vietnamese food the way I image it in my head. My first chef position was with The District by Hannah An in West Hollywood and they sent a grandmother to come to the restaurant and show me how she make traditional dishes and I grew leap and bound and today I just Need to see a Picture and I can recreate it ...wrong or right.....6 years after that I been all over the world 🌎 pushing Vietnamese food & culture. I have to say I am truly bless and I find my calling in life even sometimes I continue to struggle but I wouldn’t change a thing and there is so much more for me to learn and grow. Thank You 🙏 #vietnamese #vietchef #aroundtheworld #thankyou #bless #keeppushingforward #learning #growing #life #choices #nevereasy #hk #la #nyc #chengdu

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