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Are you passionate about Lao cuisine? Do you love to cook, eat and laugh? Let’s get together to share a joyous cultural journey in my LAOD kitchen.


Princesse Orientale
Princesse Orientale

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Living Out Laod, Who says you cant dine at two or even three restaurants in one n.. 91
Who says you can’t dine at two or even three restaurants in one night? People bar hop cause they love to drink. I restaurant hop cause I love to eat and I like to bring my own jeo som sauce to restaurants. You can dine at one restaurant for appetizers, one for main entree, and another for desserts or whatever you want. Log Haven Restaurant in the Wasatch Forest of Salt Lake City has a beautiful view and the food was good. I went there with my girlfriends as one of the restaurants we hopped around on Sunday and then brought my family back on Tuesday for dinner again. Life is most enjoyable when we can live and do whatever our heart desires without rules and restrictions that ties and binds us. Enjoy life. It’s delicious!! #priorities #enjoylife #livelifetotgefullest #eatyourheartout #utah #saltlakecity #goodeats #restauranthopping #foodblogger #foodporn #foodie #livingoitlaod #lifeisdelicious #behappy #eat #live #laugh #love #loghavenrrstaurant #elk #bison #scallop #salmon #steak #lovetoeat #livetoeat #foodislife

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