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Are you passionate about Lao cuisine? Do you love to cook, eat and laugh? Let’s get together to share a joyous cultural journey in my LAOD kitchen.


Clair De Lune Jaime Editions Photographies
Clair De Lune Jaime Editions Photographies

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Living Out Laod, I love love my kokes and saks mortars and pestles that I got cus.. 69
I love love my kokes and saks (mortars and pestles) that I got custom made and carved during my last trip to Laos. The bigger one with LAOD carved on is mine and the smaller is my daughter’s own personalized one with her name Champa on it. The sak (pestle) are engraved too. This makes it more meaningful and special for us both. My hubby stained the artwork and writing darker when I got home so it pops more. I’ll have to take a photo of that later. This one was taken in Laos. If I had more time for the carver I would have gotten more detail work done. My next one being worked on now is a lot bigger and will have lots of artwork. I’m so excited and can’t wait to go pick up that baby! #kokeandsak #mortarandpestle #laos #laocookware #madeinlaos #laoculture #kitchen #cooking #foodblogger #foodie #lao #countryside #laocuisine #laofood #livingoutlaod #wood #carving #engraving #personalize

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