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Are you passionate about Lao cuisine? Do you love to cook, eat and laugh? Let’s get together to share a joyous cultural journey in my LAOD kitchen.


Anna - Energie Durable
Anna - Energie Durable

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Living Out Laod, I just realized I have not really cooked in my kitchen for nine .. 69
I just realized I have not really cooked in my kitchen for nine days now!! Been so busy that I haven’t had some down time to relax and cook. Time goes by so fast when you’re having fun. I was planning on taking my niece visiting from the east coast to San Francisco for lunch today but I got a flat tire last night. So looks like this traveling dress girl is staying put in her kitchen to cook up some savory and spicy dishes today. I’ll be on a family trip for two weeks in a few days so today’s really my day to cook big or go home. Who’s coming over for dinner at 7 tonight? Ma der! I get excited to cook and just thinking of the food menu. This photo was taken after finishing an afternoon tea in Chicago and saying to my girlfriends that dainty tea food is good but it’s never as great as our Lao food! LOL! #homecook #homecookingisthebest #livingmybestlife #livinglifetotgefullest #luvingoutlaod #livetoeat #traveltoeat #deliciouslife #laocook #laomom #laowife #laos #laopride #laodandproud

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