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Are you passionate about Lao cuisine? Do you love to cook, eat and laugh? Let’s get together to share a joyous cultural journey in my LAOD kitchen.


Anna - Chic Parisienne
Anna - Chic Parisienne

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Living Out Laod, While I didnt get to make any tum salad in Rome I was more than .. 51
While I didn’t get to make any tum salad in Rome, I was more than happy to have my koke, jeo and thip khao be photographed in front of the Colesseum. We went with a tour and our first stop was the Vatican and I didn’t want to get red flagged for carrying around a sak (pestle) when we checked in at security cause it can look like a bludgeoning weapon. Lol. My sweet hubby carried the koke (mortar) around in his backpack all day long in the heat and crowd. He loves me. He really loves me. Hahaha! But we did enjoy some jeo padaq and semi ripe mangos right in front of the Colosseum so that kinda somewhat satisfied me. #travelingkokeandsak #livingoutlaod #laos #laoculture #lao #foodie #foodblogger #bucketlist #rome #colesseum #ancient #architecture #amazing #jawdropping #vatican #europe

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