Katherine Heigl


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Actress / producer / animal advocate. Mother of three beautiful children and wife to one sexy musician. Check out my blog:


Black Bath Jaime Editions Photographies
Black Bath Jaime Editions Photographies

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Katherine Heigl, Taking a cue from my new best friend harryconnickjr and honing m.. 63
Taking a cue from my new best friend @harryconnickjr and honing my #stalkie skills. Can you tell who that super star is in my the reflection of my sunglasses? I’ll give you a hint. He’s sings like the heavens have opened up and poured forth their glory just for you. He writes like a man who’s seen and felt more than you can imagine. His wit will leave you breathless with laughter. His heart expands effortlessly to include everyone and everything in his wake. He drinks only bourbon and ginger ale on the rocks. He sleeps next to me almost every night and buffers my anxiety with his love. Yup, you guessed! Not @harryconnickjr it’s @joshbkelley for gods sake!

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