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Actress / producer / animal advocate. Mother of three beautiful children and wife to one sexy musician. Check out my blog:


Beauty In The Bath Jaime Editions
Beauty In The Bath Jaime Editions

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Katherine Heigl, Let me tell you a little story about this sweatshirt A few weeks.. 57
Let me tell you a little story about this sweatshirt. A few weeks ago while I was on set filming an amazing independent movie in Florida I got cold. The hospital we were working in was VERY air conditioned and I wasn’t prepared. As I stood rubbing my arms and shivering during rehearsal @harryconnickjr my funny, charming, thoughtful and chivalrous co-star took his hoodie off and put it around my shoulders. When we were done rehearsing I tried to give it back to him but he insisted I keep it. I felt he was being too generous and I couldn’t possibly take it from him so I left the hoodie in my trailer for costumes to give back to him once I was done filming. I came home from Toronto a few days ago to a glorious clear quartz crystal @harryconnickjr sent me as a wrap gift along with the hoodie and this note. Now that is a class act of a man my friends! I Feel incredibly privileged and grateful to have had the honor of working with him for even a brief period of time. Thank you @harryconnickjr you really are the BEST! Now I have to come up with some equally impressive and charming gift for you...thanks a lot. 😏❤️

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