Katherine Heigl


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Actress / producer / animal advocate. Mother of three beautiful children and wife to one sexy musician. Check out my blog:


Lorele Enchantress - Syren
Lorele Enchantress - Syren

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Katherine Heigl, Youre looking at the proud new member of the bikenerd team Just .. 35
You’re looking at the proud new member of the #bikenerd team. Just picked up this beauty today and have already hit my local market and spun around my Toronto neighborhood grinning like the eight year old I am at heart. Here’s to all the #bikenerds in my life that inspired me to get back in the saddle and channel my inner child. @joshbkelley @tasiasteffensen @erikkertes I get it now. I mean not the crazy bike sh%# you do, like climb mountains and ride 200 plus miles but...I get it. #unmitigatedjoyisnotjustforkids #thoseheavenlydays

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