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I Cook. I Shoot . I Share. I EAT ... 75% healthy. 20% evil. 5% ‘offal’ good ! ️ 🥩! 🥓🥑🧀 ’old’ blog w/ a lot of favorites.


Lou - Spring Is Here
Lou - Spring Is Here

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Jules Food, Sous Vide Prime Rib Eye Cap w sauted Baby King Oyster Mushrooms .. 81
Sous Vide Prime Rib Eye Cap w/ sautéed “Baby King Oyster Mushrooms” and... a little old school sprinkle for steakhouse night at home. The cap was fork tender delicious, it’s one of my favorite cuts, But... those Baby King ‘Shrooms stole the show ! I mean, have you ever ?!... They’re “almost” too cute to eat, but such a great combo with the tender fatty steak. And question... sous vide vs reverse sear. What are your thoughts ? (as if I didn’t know, lol). This was great and it was fun breaking out the sous vide, but I must say, smoke reverse sear or even straight grill wins for me with this cut. . . . #primebeef #ribeye #steak #sousvide w/ butter #mediumrare 132° for about 1 hour. Seasoned w/ Monterey & HC Black, then #grilled hot n’ fast basted w/ more #butter. Baby King #mushrooms found at Hmart, #sauteed w/ butter & olive oil. #steaknight #onthetable

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