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Isabelle Fuhrman, We closed MacBeth yesterday It is hard to express just how incre.. 8
We closed MacBeth yesterday. It is hard to express just how incredible this experience has been. I have never ever felt more raw and open playing a part than I have every day on stage playing MacBeth. Getting to stand in the shoes of some of the greatest MALE actors of all time and make my mark was truly a dream come true. I could feel the spirit of the actors who have played him before standing beside me every night as I stepped on stage. Erica Schmidt - the genius she is! Putting this play in the hands of young women. Giving us all the opportunity to throw ourselves at this material with the same obsession and love that teenage girls have. To throw down and tell this story together. Was so fun! And every night felt like the first and the last time we would ever get to do it! I have learned so much. And most of all, made an incredible group of close female friends who I love so so deeply! And trust with my life. My sisters, our coven is so special. LOOK TO THE LADY, GOOD SIRS!!!!

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