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Black Bath Jaime Editions Photographies
Black Bath Jaime Editions Photographies

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Gina Joy Carano, This is one of my favorite artists Ive only met him here online .. 114
This is one of my favorite artists. I’ve only met him here online but I feel I have a kindred spirit with him.. @lee_jeffries goes to places people cross the street to avoid and takes truly incredibly beautiful pictures of human beings who wear their hardships of life for all to see.. the stories that come with these pictures make you step back and take a moment of evaluation. Exciting news is he is in the process of making a book.. and you can have all his art in a book at your home by Christmas. No he didn’t ask me to do this.. I’m doing this cause I’m genuinely touched by his work and the stories he shares and what else is social media for than to share things you love, admire and are inspired by. When you support artists you admire you give them the opportunity to create more and do more.. that’s the most beautiful thing about art, it sheds light on people, places, things, ideas, dreams, fantasies from another human beings perspective that allows us to feel how that person sees and feels the world. I just happen to really adore this artist so if you want his book, here is where to sign up. ♥️ all my love and a peaceful Sunday to you. This first image is hanging in my house, I walk by it everyday thanks to Lee.🙏 (and yes Lee I still owe you a picture☺️) Go here to sign up for your book!

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