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Lou - Spring Is Here
Lou - Spring Is Here

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Sarah Shahi, Not too many people know this about me but it was a very definin.. 23
Not too many people know this about me, but it was a very defining moment. My childhood was not like others. But thanks to my incredible mother, she taught us to be warriors not victims. And guess what- we won. Many thx to the ones to who shed light in our darkest of times. And to those that are still in the darkness, please know you are not alone. Keep your head up, you will see the rainbow in the clouds. To the women’s shelter in Arlington, Texas that took us in in the middle of the night, to the little boy who gave me his jacket because it was the dead of winter,and my mother sprung me from my bed without grabbing any clothes, because it was our only opportunity to escape- thank you. Your face and your kindness is forever seared in my memory. And to women’s shelters everywhere- it is my mission to make your havens a better place. 🙏🏼❤️ my story in @people on stands now

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